Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Don Porcella Art Installation and Exhibition in Shanghai, China

Creatures in Wonderland 
by Don Porcella
2016-06-10 @ HERMES Maison Shanghai, China 217 Huahai Road
June 8th, 2016 - September 7th, 2016

To echo "gallop between the natural world," the annual theme, the Haiaimashi home to join the American artist Mr. Don Porcella, interesting sketch of the landscape of the 2016 Summer House Haiaimashi showcase theme - "creatures in Wonderland" will be a natural feeling to simple and straightforward visual language drawn map out the unique humanistic feelings.

Mr. Don Porcella of rare value creation and respected craft, good at using common materials to create simple proximity popular culture works of art to explore the mechanism of interaction between man and nature. This time, he chenille material as the material of the pipe cleaners, hand-woven and sculptures presented by modality animal life, animal and human metaphor shape and interaction, leading the viewer to rethink the life philosophy of natural origin. Window to four eminent zoologist named, to pay tribute to the great natural explorers.

Interesting material impact natural philosophy, handmade Pierre encounter Smart Art. 2016 on the theme of summer Haiaimashi House window, through the flexible use of the daily life of the artist materials, remodeling into artistic expression. Borrow from the organism of interest depicted Smart lead the viewer ponder life and a new definition of nature, exploring deep Ziranzhili yet chic fun. As interspersed therebetween Hermes handicrafts, inherited the centuries-old tradition, take the source of life, return to nature, adding to the quality of life for the brilliant comment.

Monkey Summer Paradise

Zoologist Jane Goodall (Jane Goodall) devoted his life to wildlife research, education and protection, especially in the field of research chimpanzees remarkable achievements. Tribute to Jane Goodall, named for its artists the window painted a bright picture of the summer. Vibrant green outline of rolling hills and lush forests, showing a monkey summer paradise. Lightweight and agile monkey clever as innocent children, frolic or play, or with a companion whispering, or sit and enjoy the food. Ordinary material via handmade, creating every little monkeys off joy, pleasant demeanor and actions, the window jumping a sense of freedom.

Flamingo Love Story

Charles Darwin (Charles Darwin) as the founder of the theory of evolution on reproduction and development of the entire biosphere made ​​a materialistic interpretation of the law. Named after him in the window, a symbol of freedom in South America will be blazing red head dove love with the atmosphere to land in South America and imaginative. Bright shades chenille create an elegant and inspirational flamingos, slender neck and body lightly walking to the couples to love freeze. Vibrant colors collision, love Mashi Zhen goods tempting whisper, vividly recounting brand dedication to traditional arts and crafts as well as the natural breeding way of reverence.

Sea World Penguins

Jacques Cousteau (Jacques Cousteau) is a French naval officer, also a famous explorer and marine biological researchers. In its name in the window, the cool deep blue ocean lay out one of the Antarctic, to pay tribute to Jacques Cousteau initiative to defend Antarctica enthusiasm. Naive penguin to the thick ice as a platform, slightly open wings, swinging round body, as if the next second you can hear the sound of spray they jumped into the water after the light.

Deer · Jungle Adventure
As an early leader of the environmental movement, John Muir (John Muir) and text adventure with nature are well known. With his name in the window, chameleons and butterflies in the trees breath, a nimble deer being stopped running in mountain forest, eyes clear look to the fruit of the tree. Quiet and nice to talk with joy picture natural thinking and enlightenment.

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