Monday, February 02, 2009

Supercraft: The New Insider Folk Art - NY Press

NY Press Wednesday, January 28,2009, Supercraft: The New Insider Folk Art

"In all fairness, Supercraft is everywhere you look these days. Practitioners like Misaki Kawai, Richard Klein, Jim Drain, Don Porcella and LoVid (another Brooklynbased interdisciplinary duo) all have work that is visible now, or will soon be visible, in New York (as do a plethora of others I don’t have the space to mention). And when you think that the Impressionists were mostly a starving lot, we can only hope the recession might spawn more than Supercraft—other avant-garde, eruptive, self-propelling and deeply heartfelt movements that will come to define our new era."

By Noah Sudarsky

"Geezer" by Don Porcella, from the pipe cleaner action figure series on view at the Brattleboro Museum

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