Thursday, September 11, 2008

HVCCA Benefit Auction of Contemporary Art at Yvon Lambert Gallery

“There Must Be a Better Place” (Turkey Vulture with Head) pipe cleaners and wire, 6 feet x 5 feet x 3 feet, 2008. Don Porcella.

For this year’s 2008 HVCC Auction, Don Porcella's sculpture, “There Must Be a Better Place” sold to wonderful art collectors Joel and Sherry Mallin. We are so happy this great work found a great home.

Some of the participating artists were:

• Louise Bourgeois
• Thomas Hirschhorn
• Hermann Nitsch
• Neo Rauch
• Tim Rollins
• Andres Serrano
• Doug and Mike Starn
• Aaron Johnson
• Justin Allen
• Michael Brown

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