Thursday, May 24, 2007

Recent Publications and Reviews


“Don Porcella at Stefan Stux Gallery” by Michael DeNiro, NY ARTS Magazine April 2008.
“Kunst Gruppe Adores Neon” by Noah Sudarsky, Village Voice, April 3, 2008.
“AFI Highlights”
“Pool Art Fair” by James Kalm. Interview with Don Porcella.
“Armory 2008” Don Porcella is one of 3 best in show. Review by Olympia Lambert. "Kunst Gruppe" Werkstatte Gallery, NY, NY. Limited edition catalog of group show artists.
“Through the Prism: Collecting Contemporary Art” Artists Talk On Art at SVA. Feb. 2008.
“Are We There Yet?” Art Review. Chelsea Now. Volume 2, Number 16. January 18 - 24, 2008.
“Best in Show”, Recommendations by R.C. Baker, Village Voice. August 7th, 2007.
“Don Porcella at STUX”
“Don Porcella”,416
“Featured Artist - Don Porcella”, Auberge Floue Magazine from Paris, France. Dec. 2007.
“Group Creates Art for Arts Sake”, The Southhampton Press Sept. 26th, 2007.
“Masters of Spin and Other Light Arts”, The East Hampton Star, Sept. 18th, 2007.
“Featured Artist - Don Porcella”, Picnic Magazine from Tel Aviv, Israel. Oct. 2007.
“Jeesh, Ummm. Let Me Think.”, The Bruise Magazine. August. 2007.
“We Come in Peace” by Don Porcella, Standard Magazine. Paris, France. Vol. 16, 2007.
“Don Porcella” Featured Artist, Hunt and Gather Magazine. Perth, Australia. Feb. 2007.
“MFA Show Review” at
“Last Supper” by Don Porcella at
“Don Porcella’s Image and Manifesto”, Daily Constitutional, Issue 3, Winter 2006.
“Nick Payne and Don Porcella”, Ken Johnson, NY Times Art Review, July 15th, 2005.
“At the Galleries”, The Southampton Press, July 28, 2005.
“Gallery Going, May”, Maureen Mullarkey, The New York Sun Art Review, May 13, 2004.
“Galleries”, Contra Costa Times Art Review, June 28, 2002.
“Paintings, Abstracts, Photos in Area Displays”, Modesto Bee Art Review, February 10, 2002.
“Mis-Direction”, East Hampton Star Art Review, October 25, 2001.

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