Saturday, August 05, 2006

2008 Current Art Exhibitions and Publications CV List

Don Porcella

Solo Exhibitions
Mark Wolfe Contemporary, SF, CA. “Swimming Hole” in the Project Space.
Stux Gallery, NY, NY. Are We There Yet? Paintings and Sculpture by Don Porcella.
NEXT, Art Fair Chicago, Stux Gallery, NY, NY. Don Porcella Solo Show.

Werkstatte Gallery, NY, NY. Strip Mall. Drawings by Don Porcella

Planaria Gallery, Chelsea (NYC), NY. Don Porcella.

Big Pagoda Company, San Francisco, CA. Shift.
Modesto Junior College Art Gallery, Modesto, CA. Mis-Direction.

AE Gallery, East Hampton, NY. Mis-Direction.
Gensler, San Francisco, CA. Mis-Direction.
Zonal, San Francisco, CA. Recent Work.

Group Exhibitions
12th Annual Art for AIDS, Herbst International Exhibition Hall. San Francisco, CA.
West Collection, Pennsylvannia. “Evolutionary Baggage”
Hudson Valley Contemporary Museum Auction. Yvon Lambert Gallery, NY. NY.
Park Life Group Show (with published catalog), SF, CA – October 2008.
Pool Art Fair, Chelsea Hotel, “Tonic Art Collective”, NY, NY.
Red Dot Art Fair, MMGalleries, SF, CA. NY, NY.
Werkstatte Gallery, NY, NY. Kunst Gruppe.
WPA Art Auction Gala curated by Heather Darcy-Bhandari. Washington, DC.

London Art Fair, London, England Yukiko Kawase Gallery. Group Show.
Mixed Greens Gallery, NY, NY. Road Trip.
Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton, NY. Bonic Tonic Art Collective.
Florida State University Gallery, FL. All Systems Go.
MMGalleries, San Francisco, CA. X-07 Director’s Choice.
Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton, NY. Art Collective Invitational.
Quality Pictures, Portland, OR. Picture Ping Pong.
MMGalleries, San Francisco, CA. Archeofacts.

Yukiko Kawase Gallery, Paris, France. Human Nature #2, New Trans-Species Fantasy.
Michael Martin Galleries, San Francisco, CA. Auction.
Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton, NY. Springs Invitational.
California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA. Group Show.
Michael Martin Galleries, San Francisco, CA. Summer Salon.
Jack the Pelican Presents, East Hampton, NY. Scope Hamptons Art Fair.
ISE Cultural Foundation, NY, NY. Japanese and American Artist Exhibition in NY.
Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton, NY. Bonic Tonic Art Collective Spring Show.

JetArtworks, Washington, DC. GO FIGURE! A group exhibition of contemporary figurative work.
Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton, NY. Bonac Tonic Art Collective Summer Extravaganza.
Michael Martin Gallery, SF, CA. Michael Martin Foundation Annual Art Auction.

Spike Gallery, NY, NY. Reality Check.
Gavin Brown’s Enterprise at Passerby, NY, NY. Group Show.
Pool Art Fair, Chelsea (NYC), NY. Group Show.
Michael Martin Gallery, SF, CA. Group Show.

Spike Gallery, NY, NY. Green Chimneys Benefit Art Auction.
Lehmann Maupin Gallery, NY, NY. Unframed, First Look.
Fluxcore Art Space, Brooklyn, NY. Dirty Old Toy Box.
Hunter College Gallery, Hells Kitchen (NYC), NY. Doug Dibble Memorial Art Auction.
Emerging Arts, NY, NY. Love, Art, War.

Spike Gallery, NY, NY. 27 Emerging Artists.
East End Hospice, East Hampton, NY. Box Art Show.
Michael Martin Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Small Works Group Show.


MFA Painting/Drawing. Hunter College, NY, NY.
BFA Painting/Drawing. California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco, CA.
BA Psychology. University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, CA.


“Don Porcella at Stefan Stux Gallery” by Michael DeNiro, NY ARTS Magazine April 2008.
“Kunst Gruppe Adores Neon” by Noah Sudarsky, Village Voice, April 3, 2008.
“AFI Highlights”
“Pool Art Fair” by James Kalm. Interview with Don Porcella.
“Armory 2008” Don Porcella is one of 3 best in show. Review by Olympia Lambert. "Kunst Gruppe" Werkstatte Gallery, NY, NY. Limited edition catalog of group show artists.
“Through the Prism: Collecting Contemporary Art” Artists Talk On Art at SVA. Feb. 2008.
“Are We There Yet?” Art Review. Chelsea Now. Volume 2, Number 16. January 18 - 24, 2008.
“Best in Show”, Recommendations by R.C. Baker, Village Voice. August 7th, 2007.
“Don Porcella at STUX”
“Don Porcella”,416
“Featured Artist - Don Porcella”, Auberge Floue Magazine from Paris, France. Dec. 2007.
“Group Creates Art for Arts Sake”, The Southhampton Press Sept. 26th, 2007.
“Masters of Spin and Other Light Arts”, The East Hampton Star, Sept. 18th, 2007.
“Featured Artist - Don Porcella”, Picnic Magazine from Tel Aviv, Israel. Oct. 2007.
“Jeesh, Ummm. Let Me Think.”, The Bruise Magazine. August. 2007.
“We Come in Peace” by Don Porcella, Standard Magazine. Paris, France. Vol. 16, 2007.
“Don Porcella” Featured Artist, Hunt and Gather Magazine. Perth, Australia. Feb. 2007.
“MFA Show Review” at
“Last Supper” by Don Porcella at
“Don Porcella’s Image and Manifesto”, Daily Constitutional, Issue 3, Winter 2006.
“Nick Payne and Don Porcella”, Ken Johnson, NY Times Art Review, July 15th, 2005.
“At the Galleries”, The Southampton Press, July 28, 2005.
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“Galleries”, Contra Costa Times Art Review, June 28, 2002.
“Paintings, Abstracts, Photos in Area Displays”, Modesto Bee Art Review, February 10, 2002.
“Mis-Direction”, East Hampton Star Art Review, October 25, 2001.

Special Awards, Honors and Appointments

• Co-Panelist with Rob Storr. ArtNews Magazine, “What They're Teaching Art Students These Days?” New York, NY.
• Fine Arts Faculty, County College of Morris. Randolph, New Jersey.
• Dedalus Fellowship Nominee.
• “Etats-Unis: réactions au discours de Bush” French Online TV
• “Times Square Interview about Iraq War”, Reuters.


yu said...

your work is SUPER!!! i love all of all and i want to see more and more!!

Anonymous said...

Don, I met you years ago while helping get SAQA on its feet in Modesto, and have been an art quilt colleague and friend of your mother's for many years.

The art you were to bring forth was then a gleam in your eye. Congratulations on the current solo show -- the work is wonderful!!!

Here's a note I emailed Yvonne who had sent me links when I asked about you during her recent Tucson (where I now live) AZ visit:

"hi yvonne
i finally had time to sit down and see the video clip of Carly's opening. thanks for the link! it was fun, interesting. both she and Don manage to manifest a spirited energy - an existential delight - AND a deeply human concern/awareness of some darker aspects of contemporary times.

these kids: they deserve a better world than we might leave them if we don't step up to the plate and tidy up our act. i deeply believe in our youth and want to see them set off in the best of situations. i think it means change what we can, get ready for the unexpected directions they will take us in as they articulate and prioritize goals.

Don and Carly's artwork gives me heart,

Please share with Carly. Good luck to both of you,